“While I have been paying into Super funds for several decades it wasn’t until I was introduced to Vviral that I began to fully appreciate what I could have been doing and what I should have been doing with my Super Funds. My eyes have been opened through Vviral’s knowledge, guidance and recommendations. He has become my personal financial coach and goal setter”.

Bill, Age 65, Manager

“Mr. Parekh provided excellent financial advice to me with regards my upcoming transition to retirement. He went through all documents explaining the process and outcome. His expertise with figures and knowledge was absolutely first class. He was always happy to answer my questions especially towards my inheritance which I was unsure of where to invest/deposit to obtain the maximum return/growth. I am looking forward to retirement now knowing that I will be safe and comfortable financially. I would recommend Mr. Parekh to anyone seeking financial advice for their future financial path.”

Margaret H, Medical Secretary

“I was referred to Vviral by someone as I needed advice with my financial situation. I made an appointment with Vviral and it was the start that I needed for my personal situation. Vviral has advised and guided me with superannuation and retirement, which I am very happy and satisfied with. I have seen Vviral grow and progress in his line of work and is always looking out for the best solutions that suits his clients.”

Josephine M, Legal Clerk

“Vviral is our financial coach and has been amazing in tailoring our Life Insurance according to our occupations with the best companies. He made sure that everything was in place with looking after our family and making sure that our son does not face any financial hardship”

Jaysen and Prishnee

“Vviral is our financial advisor and our experience has been great. He thoroughly considered our circumstances, and then developed strategies to help us reach our goals. He helped us to make the right decision about our financial situation.”


“We have a very busy working life and we have been seeking help in sorting out our financials for a while. So timing is a huge problem for us. Being available on a weekend to talk was a great advantage. With broad and impressive knowledge of Financial industries, Vviral has helped us make the best financial decision for our family.”


“It was faith that made me come to you when my partner was lying in the hospital bed. All I needed was that support to structure my financials and you went above and beyond no bounds to ensure that I felt the security. You discussed various options and showed
me the right direction to take. Then the words of “GO and be with your wife I will look after this end” was all I needed to hear.

Since then I have my total faith in You Vviral and even though my partner is a financial analyst and planner I feel comfortable when you talk. This testimonial does not justify the work that you do with total professionalism and dedication. I have no hesitation in recommending your services with complete trust and I look forward to a continued relationship with you.”


“We are new to Financial Planning and wanted to start investing with a view to planning our family’s future. We found Vviral and his methods suited us perfectly.

The process Vviral took us through was extensive and informative. It enabled us to understand real meaning behind the financial jargon, determine what financial goals we could achieve and how our attitudes & goals affect the investment decisions we make. Vviral’s advice also enabled us to make important personal insurance and estate planning decisions that can often be underestimated. Approaching financial planning in a methodical manner has given us the confidence that our future and that of our future child is secure and protected.”

Ashish and Meghna

“We were recommended Vviral Parekh by a close friend of ours and have found his service to be absolutely sensational. We really appreciate his honest advice and passion for educating his customers in making more informed decision regarding finances. His approach is very professional and we are happy with our long term financial plan. I would definitely recommend Vviral to family and friends seeking financial advice. “


“I have known Vviral for a long time now and he has been absolutely fantastic. He has helped me and my family with our needs and has always kept our goals at the centre of everything we do. I have recommended Vviral without any hesitation to my family and friends. “


DISCLAIMER: These clients have agreed to share their story. Everyone’s situation is different, so their choices and outcomes will be different to yours. Consider your circumstances before deciding what’s right for you.”