superannuationAnswering life’s big financial questions – “When can I retire?”…”How much should I save?”…”How much can I spend?” – may seem daunting, especially in light of increasing complexity in markets and superannuation regulations.

For most of us, compulsory superannuation payments won’t be enough to deliver the lifestyle we’re looking forward to. The sooner you act to boost your super savings, the more you’re likely to have when you retire. And with super rules constantly changing, professional advice can make a big difference.At Wealth Connected Financial Solutions we educate our clients and help them better understand their super. We’ll start by analysing your existing super plans, and then we’ll look at their performance and how much you are being charged. Once we’ve done that we’ll tell you what they might be worth in the future and advise you on your options for dealing with any shortfall.For those with more complex requirements we have advisers who are experienced in dealing with Self-Managed Super Fund and can assist you with your needs.