Could your business survive without you?

Think what would happen if you, your business partner, or one of your key employees couldn’t work because of sickness or injury.

  • Could the business keep running?
  • How much revenue would your business lose?
  • Could you afford a replacement?

Then consider the long-term viability of your business.

  • Could you repay the business debts?
  • Could you, or your business partner, afford to buy each other out?
  • If you needed to sell the business, would you be able to find a buyer?

And what about your family?

  • How would they replace your lost income?
  • Could they afford the mortgage repayments?
  • How long would the family savings last?

Getting the right cover can make all the difference when it counts – helping your business, and your family, cope financially if something goes wrong.

Who’s holding your business together?